High Pressure Water Jetting

We have two different levels of jetting service;

Domestic & Small Commercial

Our domestic jetting service is delivered through our van pack jetters, these machines are specifically designed and installed into our vans allowing ease of access to the most restrictive sites. These machines are capable of jetting, descaling and root cutting pipework from 100mm-325mm and up to 100m in length. Our van pack jetters are fully equipped with a variety of different nozzles to ensure we can complete any task required.

With their onboard tank even the most remote areas with no water supply can be accessed. Our pack packs operate up 4000 psi at 12 GPM .

Industrial/Commercial Jetting

Our industrial jetting service is delivered through our JHL dirty water Recyclers. These trucks are specifically designed to undertake the most demanding jetting tasks.

The JHL Recycler is 95 % more efficient than any other conventional jet vac tanker, the full dirty water recycler removes the dirty waste water from the drain, cleaning and filtering the water to then reuse as jetting water. This saves a potential 15,000 liters per day.

Our industrial jetters are capable of cleaning any pipework from 100mm up to 2000mm in diameter. With flow rates from 150 LPM – 390LPM, our machines can effectively remain on site throughout the day without the need to leave the site to fill up with water, saving our customers time and money. Our trucks are fully equipped with a variety of nozzles for flushing, root cutting, descaling and culvert cleaning.

Water pumping station filled with grease a fats
Water pumping station tank after jetting. The waste was carried away in JHL Recycler